Membership Info

The Pastel Society of America has more than 1,300 artist members throughout the U.S. and abroad. There are three levels of juried membership: Associate, Signature, and Master Pastelist.

Beginning January 2020, individuals may apply for Associate or Signature membership status one time only per calendar year. Multiple applications during the year will not be considered by the membership committee.

The membership committee confers either Associate or Signature status to accepted applications. At any time during membership, an Associate member may apply for Signature status through the jurying system. In an alternative route, an Associate member in good standing automatically receives Signature status after being accepted in three PSA annual exhibitions, which need not be consecutive. As a non-member accepted to the Annual for the first time, your acceptance counts toward your elevation to Signature status provided you apply for Associate membership. Master Pastelist status is conferred when a member in good standing accumulates three PSA annual exhibition awards. PSA annual exhibition awards are juried by a New York or national art professional, such as a curator or museum director.

International Applications

Membership entries submitted through an international art broker, art gallery, art association or second party of any kind will be disqualified and therefore not processed.  Fees are not refundable.

A PSA member cannot submit an application on behalf of another artist under any circumstances.

Each artist must have their own unique email address as well as their own personal PayPal account in order for the application to be processed.

PSA only accepts payment via PayPal.

Annual Jury Deadlines (4 per year):

Whether you are a non-member applying for membership or an Associate member applying for Signature status, you will want to make note of the membership jurying dates:

Jury Deadline Notification to Artist
Second Monday in January Approximately two weeks after Jury Deadline
Second Monday in April Approximately two weeks after Jury Deadline
Second Monday in July Approximately two weeks after Jury Deadline
Second Monday in October Approximately two weeks after Jury Deadline

Application for Membership

For membership application form and information about the application process, click here.

Annual Dues

Associate Member – $60
Signature Member – $75
Master Pastelist — $75
Honorary Lifetime Member — Awarded to members deemed eligible by the board of governors.