Classes have a maximum of 12 students. Working in the glorious Victorian building of The National Arts Club that was once the residence of Governor Tilden, Monday through Saturday, students have the opportunity of selecting classes year-round in all genres: portrait, figure, still life, florals, landscape, cityscape, and preliminary drawing for pastels. It is the only art school devoted exclusively to the medium of pastel.

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Day Time Genre Instructor
Monday 1:30PM – 4:30PM
Finding Your Freedom Through Observation, Exploration and Joy (Zoom)
Adrian Giuliani PSA
Tuesday (click here for supply list) 5:30PM – 8:30PM Intro to Pastel Still Life, Figure & Landscape Janet A. Cook PSA-MP
Wednesday 1:30PM – 4:30PM Flowers, Faces and Fabric in Pastel Wennie Huang PSA
Thursday  1PM – 4PM Color & Composition Maceo Mitchell PSA-MP

Registration Process:

Please email the PSA office with your request to register stating the instructor and program to ensure there is a spot open for you.

After registration via email, you will be instructed to pay via the PayPal button on the website by choosing the “other” option. Registration and full payment must be made two business days prior to the program’s start day.

PSA will process registration requests in the order they are received, emailing a confirmation soon after. 

Fees: 6 Classes $160; Single Class $40 (subject to change without notice). Classes are ongoing and year-round.


View the PSA School for Pastel catalog here.

Class descriptions

Adrian Giuliani PSA

Finding Your Freedom Through Observation, Exploration and Joy (Zoom)                                                        Mondays, 1:30pm – 4:30pm

In this class, we will be working from life to explore still-lifes, florals, and self-portraiture, with a fresh outlook. Our focus will be on observation, abstraction, and freedom, as well as on drawing, values, line work, shapes, composition and bold mark-making.  Through demos, Adrian will show you how you can use observation and fun tools to engage your artistic instincts and find joy in your work.  She will also demonstrate how you can work through and treasure some confusion.

There will be weekly demos, open discussion, one-on-one feedback and encouragement to find your own artistic vision by approaching your work fearlessly.

Adrian Frankel Giuliani is an award-winning pastel artist who has had her work exhibited and recognized in many international pastel exhibitions.

Janet Cook Education

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Janet Cook PSA-MP
Introduction to Pastel Still life, Figure and Landscape
Tuesday, 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

This class will introduce students to the essential information needed to draw and paint still life, landscape, and the figure using the pastel medium. I see my role as an opportunity to encourage you to find your own style, while emphasising technique. Demonstrations and individual instruction will be given.

Topics covered: fundamentals of pastel, drawing, underpainting, light and shadow, composition, color theory, basic perspective and figure proportions. Janet A. Cook is an award-winning pastel and oil painter who regularly exhibits her paintings in New York City galleries and museums.

Wennie Huang Education

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Wennie Huang PSA
Flowers, Faces, and Fabric in Pastel
Wednesdays, 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Explore a variety of approaches in pastel with emphasis on structure, stroke, and pressure in limited palettes applied in layers to create delicate and luminous surfaces. Wennie Huang, an award-winning artist who has taught pastel in New York City for over ten years.

Weekly demonstrations and individual guidance will be the focus for each six-week segment as she covers floral studies, faces and portraiture from a live model, fabric and drapery arrangements to study the effects of light and shadow on varied surfaces.

Maceo Mitchell PSA-MP, HFH
Color & Composition
Thursdays, 1pm-4pm

In this class, the award-winning instructor will cover the basics: how to use color to achieve harmonious effects and the use of the color wheel. There will be an emphasis on organizing the elements that make for a good composition. Along with improving their drawing skills, the students will be encouraged to use their imaginations and to develop their own style.

  • Thread of Light

  • Pick Ice

  • Italian Hill Town

  • Flowers

  • Bunny

  • Honey & Mustand

  • Portrait of Estaban

  • Olives & Pickles

  • Melt