The PSA office manager can be reached at the contact information below.

Board of Governors

Executive Committee:
JoAnn Griffuni Wellner, Esq.

Honorary Chair & Treasurer
Jimmy Wright NA, PSA-MP

President & Chair
Dianne B. Bernhard PSA

First Vice President
Julie Hopkins PSA-MP

Second Vice President
Arlene Richman PSA-MP

Recording Secretary
Kristin Divers PSA-MP

Corresponding Secretary

Board Members:

Adrian Giuliani PSA
Karene Infranco PSA
Karen Israel PSA-MP
Cristine Kossow PSA-MP
Richard G. McKinley PSA-MP HFH
Corey Pitkin PSA
Maria Marino PSA-MP
Susan M. Story PSA-MP
Marlene Wiedenbaum PSA-MP

Advisory Board:
Brian E. Bailey PSA-MP
Robert K. Carsten PSA-MP, Emeritus
Christina Debarry PSA, Emeritus
Kathy Detrano PSA, Emeritus
Pierre-Yann Guidetti
Nancie King-Mertz, PSA-MP
Leslie Lillien Levy PSA-MP, Emeritus
Isabelle V. Lim PSA-MP
Maceo W. Mitchell PSA-MP, Emeritus
Peggy J. Rose PSA-MP, Emeritus
Rae Smith PSA-MP HFH, Emeritus
Arlene Thek
Brenda Tribush PSA, Emeritus
Anna Wainright PSA-MP

Past Presidents:
Flora B. Giffuni 1972-1993
Sidney H. Hermel 1994-1997
Christina Debarry 1998-2000
Barbara Fischman 2001-2007
Rae Smith 2007-2012

PSA Office:
Office Manager: Cindy Harisch
Legal Advisor: Schwartz & Salomon, PC
Accountant: Spitz & Greenstein, CPA

Pastel Society of America
15 Gramercy Park South, Room 202
New York, NY 10003

PSA Office Hours:
Wednesday & Thursday 10am to 3:00pm (Except holidays)