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    Your artwork should be original and not copied from other artists, published material, or photographs not taken by yourself. All manner of subjects and styles may be submitted from traditional to contemporary. Whatever the style, there should be a consistency of artistry among the five images. All images should be of high photographic quality. Your artwork should not be done in a school or in the presence of an instructor. The medium must be traditional dry pastel, not oil pastel. If you use an underpainting, the surface must be 80 percent pastel.

    The pastels shown on the submitted images are entirely my own original work.

    HOW DID YOU HEAR OF PSA? (Please circle all that apply)

    PSA Membership Application Guidelines:

    • The applicant must fill out the online application in its entirety.
    • Images of artwork must be submitted along with the application.
    • $20 Jurying fee (non-refundable). Jurying fee must be paid online at time of application submission. A link will be provided to complete the transaction.

    Notification: Images are juried by the PSA Membership Committee regularly. You will be notified by email of jury’s decision as to membership status: Associate Member, Signature Member, or not accepted.

    Dues and Fees: If you have been juried as a new member, you will be billed accordingly, depending on your new membership status.

    Associate Member: $60 dues + $100 initiation fee (one-time expense)

    Signature Membership: $75 dues + $100 initiation fee (one-time expense)

    If you are an Associate Member applying for Signature status, please include:

    1) $10 jurying fee (non-refundable)

    2) If you are juried up to Signature, you will be billed $15 additional annual dues for Signature Membership

    Pastel Society of America is a not-for-profit organization – 501 (c) (3)

    PSA Signature Membership shall be granted to artists who meet these criteria:

    • Artists whose paintings could be seriously considered for inclusion in the Annual
    • Artists from whom the jury would like to see more paintings
    • Artists whose work demonstrates an understanding of the basic principles of composition
    • Artists who understand color in terms of hue, value, and intensity
    • Artists whose paintings reveal evidence of knowing how to draw
    • Artists whose paintings skillfully combine composition, color, technique, and subject matter in a manner that conveys a sense of individuality
    • Artists who choose subject matter that would not be categorized as “cliché”
    • Artists whose paintings suggest a point of view
    • Artists who may not have had a formal art education, but whose work suggests that they have looked at and studied painting
    • Artists who submit work that demonstrates realistic critical awareness as to what they have/haven’t accomplished